Z4root APK Download v4.0.1 For Android 2018 (Latest Version)

Let’s begin by answering the easier question first, which is “what is rooting?”, Most of you must be aware of what Rooting stands for hence the reason you are here, but for those who have no clue to what it means, is that with a rooting process you will be able to have root access to your Android device. This process lets you modify the software code and will also allow you to install software on your Android phone that manufacturer normally wouldn’t.

Initially rooting was a pretty complicated process and you had to spend a lot of time on it, and it was necessary for the person to have any coding knowledge or technical skills to do it other the chance of bricking their phone increased tremendously. Now a person with no coding knowledge can root their device with the help of rooting apps that are now available online, which has made rooting less risky for everyone. Let’s see how you could harness the power of z4root apk to root your Android phone without computer PC, let’s dive in!

Z4root Apk Download v4.0.1 For Android 2018 – Official Version

What are one-click rooting apps?

Rooting apps have been created so that the users could root their devices, without having to understand complex codes as well as to provide users with an easy method with which they can root their Android phones, there are some rooting apps which provide one-click installation process which makes the process a lot more simple. There are many other one click rooting apps out there, one app that is very reliable and does a great job is Kingoroot app.

Z4Root app is one of the examples of such easy to use and setup rooting apps that you can download and install in few minutes on your Android device. But not everything with Rooting is so great before you make any decision about the rooting your android device you should understand the risks you are going to face when you choose to do it.

Listed below are the top 3 disadvantages that you might discover when rooting your Android device:

  • By deciding to root your device you risk it being bricked, bricking is a term used to describe a device, such as Android which has been irreparably damaged due to the rooting process, you might not be able to recover it which is a really huge risk. Which can be avoided instead of going through the complicated rooting process you can try out rooting apps that have been developed to overcome such risks.
  • Android developers have made provision for the new devices to check if the device has been tampered with, and rooting a device is considered as tampering it as you make changes to the codes as well as tweak a lot of things to have extra functionalities or good speed whatever the motive this is one of the risks, it will void the warranty of your new Android device.
  • When you root a device you make changes to the code and which might not allow you to update your phone as the updates provided have been made centered around the original code with which your phone software was developed. Even if you are able to update the software, it might not work properly

These points were just presented so that you might have a clear understanding of what you might face if due to some reason the rooting process doesn’t work on your phone. So now let’s get into the features that Z4Root app provides.

What is Z4root?

How many times have you even entertained the idea of rooting your device, but thought better of it due to the risks? We will see a less complex and more secure method I.e Z4Root apk whose main goal is to reduce the risks that come along with Rooting a device.


Z4root apk is an open source software that you can download on your device for free, Being a lightweight application it is simple and much faster than the other rooting apps. With this app, you won’t have to deal with unnecessary advertisements. The rooting procedure is done quickly with this app you don’t have to wait around for a long time. After you root your device using this app you will able to access a lot of new features. With it, you can get rid of the useless pre-installed app that you never use. This app is compatible with Android version 4+. you don’t have to install a separate app for unrooting the device, this app takes care of that as well and it is a quick process.

How to install Z4root App For Android?

The installation process of this app is quite similar to the other apps and you shouldn’t have any trouble setting it up through its one-click quick installation that is a new feature that all the new apps have, still we will go through the installation process of Z4Root APP so that you shouldn’t have any problem in using it on your Android devices and so that you can start rooting it any second.

Step 1: Get the latest version of Z4Root apk on your Android device, you can download it from the link that has been provided below




Step 2: After the download of Z4Root is completed, you can go to the file manager and open the file to start the installation process.

Step 3: To start the installation process tap on the z4root apk file and if you have enabled the app permission then the installation process will start.

Step 4: It will take a moment after the installation process is complete you can launch the app, for that you just have to click on open.

Step 5: As soon as it opens you will see a root option click on it to have your phone rooted

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Perks of rooting with Z4root apk

We have already seen the risks that you might face, let’s go through a few advantages that you can expect with a rooting app:

Z4root APk
Z4root APk
  • You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to use this app or install it, the process as mentioned above is pretty simple and using it also easy.
  • Rooting your device will allow you to install apps that were not compatible with your device earlier.
  • If you have coding knowledge and love tweaking with things then you can also manipulate the code to get the functionality you want or to make changes in the interface of your phone’s software.
  • After you root your device you can download apps that are actually pretty great for boosting the speed and battery life, this kind of apps shut down the processes that run in the background and provide full-scale battery as well as performance optimization.
  • You can backup a few things with a unrooted phone, but with a rooted phone, you will be able to quickly backup your phone by downloading an application which will help you backup a lot more content.
  • A rooted phone will allow you to uninstall the pre-installed application which you have no use for, and you can free up a lot of space for the new apps that you will be able to install now.
  • With a rooted device, you can get rid of the ads that pop in almost all of the apps these days which pop-up when you are playing an interesting game or distracts you when you are taking care of important work through your smartphone.
  • You can install the latest Android OS even before it has been released these are just a few of the things you will benefit if you succeed in rooting your Android device, which is not an issue you will face with Z4Root.

The rooting process of Z4Root apk is quite simple, if you have followed the above instruction sets, you will gather that after installing the device, you have to launch it after that you can choose the “Root” option I.e the button and tap on it to start the rooting process you will have to wait for a few moments till the rooting process is completed, do not touch the android device or perform any operations on it during the process.

Z4root - rooting process
Z4root – rooting process

After the process is complete you will be able to download and install new apps that weren’t compatible with you android device before and you will get to experience additional features that you were not able to access before you rooted the device. You can also unroot your device using z4root and the process is very similar to the rooting one. Also check out download freedom APK for Android.

Wrapping up,

Rooting your phone using an Android app is the most secure way it doesn’t mean that there are no risks involved, with rooting there are always risks, which is something that you should fix in your mind, even if we have covered most of the things related to rooting an android device, if possible you should do some research and get more information about this topic so that you can know what you are getting yourself into. Z4root apk is easier to access then the other complex methods which are far too risky so if you are a beginner this is the perfect app to start rooting your phone.

Hope you were able to root your Android phone without computer using Z4root apk, if yes let us know in the comment section below.